In October 2016, I launched the Social Media and Politics Podcast, an interview-driven podcast aimed at delivering first-hand insights to policy makers, academics, and the public about political initiatives in this ever-evolving social media space.

Frustrated with the pace of academic publishing, I turned to podcasting to quickly delve into and communicate the information that I thought relevant for society. My motivation was never to reach the “top of the charts,” but rather to provide an openly accessible resource for anyone interested in the issues that I work with on a day-to-day basis.

As it turns out, there is a demand for science-informed conversations about the political implications of social media. The podcast now has over 40,000 downloads from 135+ countries.  

As any podcaster will tell you, knowing that people their spend time tuning into your content is incredibly rewarding. Podcasting has quickly become one of my greatest passions, and it’s all thanks to the listeners and guests who contribute their valuable time to support the show.

You can find the Social Media and Politics Podcast on any podcast app for your mobile phone : Apple Podcasts and Spotify tend to be the big ones. If you’re curious as to what we talk about on the show, check out the recent episode below to get a feel for the series!