Michael Bossetta

Political Scientist
I am a Political and Data Scientist at the University of Copenhagen. I specialize in the impact of social media on politics. You can visit "Publications" to read my work, or "Podcast" to access my interviews with industry leaders and academics.

My research focuses on how Politicians and Citizens use social media during Elections

Social media platforms have altered longstanding power relations between politicians, the media, and citizens. What this means for democracy remains an open question. My research explores how politicians and citizens adopt social media to campaign during elections, with an empirical focus on the European Union and United States. I specialize in the use of computational methods to interpret social media analytics. Apart from electoral campaigning, I have conducted studies on Russian disinformation, cyberattacks, populism, and Euroscepticism. I am passionate about research dissemination and do my utmost to accommodate speaking requests. You can reach me via the "Contact" page.

I produce and host the Social Media and Politics Podcast, an interview-driven podcast aiming to disseminate research findings to the public. The show has over 80,000 downloads from 150+ countries.
"Not to be onto something is to be in despair" - Walker Percy